Vitality Tribe is a blog dedicated to sew a community of people who are grateful and excited to be alive, to live a healthy life full of VITALITY. Here we celebrate people regardless of their race, age, gender or colour. Here we build each other up and help each other to reach their goal- whether it’s a peaceful life or a successful Biz. 

What will NOT be tolerated is hateful comments or spreading of negative vibes that tear people down. 


Hello there, I’m Nashia Fairuz but for the ease of remembrance, you can call me Nate. I’m a Tech student voicing her opinions, sharing her lifestyle and college survival guide. You can catch me talking about Technology and Software/Web Development at dev.to, link to site provided on the menu bar.

I write when I want to rant, or when I’m too excited to share something that I feel will help people out there. But, given that I’m a feminist and a bossbabe at heart, I mostly write to remind my strong, independent Queens out there to fix their crowns.

I have launched Vitality Tribe as a mean of getting to know the wonderful like-minded people out there; to know and learn from these people who have a story to tell, a story compelling enough to make you want to celebrate every living moment of life – happy or sad.

This blog isn’t exactly limited to a particular niche. But if you really must – then it’s mostly about Lifestyle and a woman getting into Tech.


Thank you for dropping by. I’m hoping you’ll stick by too. And together we can build a supportive community of bossbabes xoxo