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Transitioning to veganism can be difficult. Specially if you’ve been a hardcore non-veg for years. When you’re changing your dietary lifestyle, you’re also changing years of habitual actions. In times like these, it helps a lot if you can draw mouth-watering inspiration from people who have tried and successfully transitioned into a vegan; to follow someone who is experienced enough to show you the way.

I recently discovered Pick Up Limes on YouTube and instantly fell in love! I love Sadia’s radiating personality, her voice calms me down immediately, and keeps me motivated to continue my journey to Veganism. 

You don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy the delicious Vegan recipes (and once you do, you might change your mind!) Including more plant based food in your diet is always a win-win! Remember, changing dietary lifestyle is a huge step and you don’t have to do it overnight. Nor do you have to be afraid that you won’t be getting enough protein. Also it’s time we break the stigma about vegan food being bland 😉

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way. I’m only sharing this because these food blogs and bloggers have helped me in my journey and I want them to help you too! The blogs are listed in no particular order. The featured photo is by fitness_bianca, linked below.

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Laura spreads positivity and her feed is indeed fairy tale like! Check out her blog for recipes here.



Shabnam is a plant-based food editor, photographer and stylist and her vegan mushroom + kale dumplings recipe is one that I’m definitely gonna try!



She is a German food blogger and the colours of her food are so dreamy!



Bianca is food blogger, recipe developer, a photographer and a stylist and here’s her blog with all the yum recipes!



This one is my most favourite recipe so far!

Lastly, as a bonus we have letscookvegan where they feature amazing vegan food bloggers and share delicious recipes for you to try!


There you have the lovely food bloggers I follow on instagram to plan my meals! Which one was your favourite? Share with us your Vegan recipes and get featured! 

-xoxo, Nate



9 thoughts on “Food | Vegan Food Bloggers To Follow on Instagram

    1. Welcome and thank you for reading my blog! It depends on what you mean by “expensive”. On short-term, yes a burger costs less than a bowl of salad. Long-term, no, eating fries will cause you to spend thousands of bucks at a doctor’s. BUT, if you can find a good farmer’s market then you can have FRESH, ORGANIC food at a CHEAPER price! Mind you, I’m not a fully vegan yet. I still eat chicken and sometimes fish. But I’ve given up dairy, eggs and red meat. And I’ve been healthier ever since. Just do what feels right to your body. I’ll be writing a blogpost on it soon! It’s cheaper to buy organic food from where I live. But I’m moving to another country in 2 months so we’ll have to see how broke I’ll be there 😂
      Thank you so much for your kind words. You’ve made my day! ❤️

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